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Sample Package

Life Notes Newsletter - Materials CollageTo view an example of what the Life Notes newsletter looks like, check-out this Sample PDF or fill out the form below to have a Sample Package mailed to you. Each newsletter is customizable and will include:

  • Customized Front Cover
    • Add your company's logo
    • Add your company's contact information
    • Add a customized message - limit of 585 characters
    • Add your company disclaimer - limit of 330 characters
    • Add an advisor or team photo
    • Add a caption to the advisor or team photo
  • Customized Back Cover
    • Add custom mission or thank you message - limit of 133 characters
    • Add another advisor or team photo
    • Add your company's logo
    • Add your company's website address
  • Customized Envelope
    • Add your company's logo
    • Add your company's contact information
  • Your Monthly Message
    • Your clients love to hear from you. They especially appreciate personalized stories and pictures about your family and what’s happening with your team.
    • Customized header and footer JPEG files that coordinate with the monthly design of the newsletters will be provided, perfect for putting together a personalized, up-to-date message that enhances communication with your valued clients.
    • It’s easy to design your message using Microsoft Word (or other word processing software), by inserting the files and your custom message, and then simply printing the inserts on your black and white or color printer.

Text areas that are   blocked out in red   represent the customizable areas in your newsletter.


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