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Life Notes and You

The number one priority for top-performing advisory firms is marketing and business development.¹ More partner time for business development is top priority. When asked if they could change one thing about their firm, the top response from both groups (36% of all respondents) by a large margin was “marketing/business development”. The next-highest issue was “time management”, trailing far behind at 14%.¹

You are very busy! How can you possibly do all the things that are required and expected of you as a financial adviser?

Your Customized Newsletter

Example of a Life Notes InsertImagine a tool that can help your clients live their lives to the fullest. Understand the huge impact that a monthly message from you would have in improving the relationship you have with your clients. With Life Notes, the customizable, 2-sided insert can help you tell your clients what’s going on in your firm with your family and with their money. Life Notes is a monthly forum to continually communicate your thoughts with them and keep them up-to-date with your firm.

Clients love hearing about your teams’ families and what’s new with them. Clients don’t respond as well to syndicated articles as they do to your personal words of wisdom. Giving your clients a personal monthly update just might be the most important thing that you do for your business.

How to use Life Notes

Clients enjoy reading the articles about living a balanced life and what’s going on with you and your firm. Consider using Life Notes in a variety of ways:

  • Send Life Notes out with your quarterly investment performance reports.
  • Use Life Notes for a referral campaign to existing clients’ friends.
    • Your clients can write a sticky note message to their referred friends and you can apply it to the cover of Life Notes.
    • Have them call their friends to let them know that they’ll be receiving the newsletter and a call from you. Then you’ll send a complimentary issue of Life Notes to new referrals to make your follow-up easier.
    • You should then call them each week to ask if you can get together for breakfast or lunch. When you do, share the very special way that you work with your clients.
    • Explain your value proposition and your process to help them take the next step.
  • You can send a monthly newsletter to centers of influence, to prospective clients, or to referrals.
  • Some Life Notes newsletters could be placed in the waiting room of dentists, doctors, or other professional offices each month.

When asked to prioritize a list of revenue drivers for 2010, “more partner/adviser time for business development” received the second-highest score for the entire respondent group at 40%. The top score for both groups went to “refine our strategic plan.”¹

Life Notes newsletters help you to make the most of your time and keep in touch with your valued clients. Communications is the key to educating and informing your clients as your best advocates. Why not use Life Notes as a time saving investment to your future success? How many clients would it take to pay for a one-year subscription to Life Notes? One new client just might pay for the Life Notes newsletter for the whole year – (every year, if that client is a fee-only Wealth Management client).

¹2010 InvestmentNews/Moss Adams Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms page 15

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